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About Us

About The Company

About The Company

Finveo MN is an investment company providing multi-asset brokerage services to its clients across the globe with possibility to trade worldwide markets 24h for 5 days a week. Our advanced and robust technologies and easy to use award-winning trading platforms, are enabling our clients the opportunity to taste and enjoy professional investment experience through a wide range of financial products, with low-cost and competitive pricing, fast and secure executions and excellent customer support.

Established by INVEO Investment Holding, a leading Financial Services Investment Holding company based in Istanbul, with over 30 years of experience in providing financial services, Finveo as its subsidiary drains the best business practice and solutions.

Licensed and regulated by Capital Market Authority of Montenegro, Finveo also complies with international regulations prescribed by European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) which guarantees our clients with the most secure and safe investments.

Our Clients’ satisfaction is our prime goal which we aim to achieve, as well as our priceless assets, while we develop and grow together. Becoming a global investor, with us, gives you an opportunity to reach the best possible experience related to investment services and financial markets.

About Finveo's Regulation

Finveo MN provides different multi-asset brokerage services to its clients like receiving and transferring orders related to the sale and purchase of financial instruments, execution of orders on behalf of clients, trading for own account, portfolio management, investment advising, foreign currency business services related to the provision of investment services as well as other ancillary services in accordance with the obtained license.

Finveo is supervised and licensed by the Capital Market Authority of Montenegro, which is an independent regulatory agency that supervises the capital market, the work of the stock exchange and authorized participants on the market. The Capital Market Authority also oversees the securities settlement system through supervision of the Central Securities Depository and Clearing Company of Montenegro. The Capital Market Authority on its website published the list of licensed investment companies in Montenegro, where Finveo can be found:

Aiming to follow international rules and principles, the Capital Market Authority of Montenegro is a member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

Legal framework that regulates investment companies in Montenegro is based on Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which is EU law that provides harmonized regulation for financial services across the EU member states.

Legal Framework

Don’t miss a chance to make your future investments in best possible environment and start trading with us today!

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Address : Cetinjska 11, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

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E-mail : [email protected]

Phone : +382 20 436 698