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IFX Expo Cyprus

iFX Expo International, the largest Global B2B Fintech Conference in the world that connects high-level finance experts and thought leaders in finance, took place in Cyprus on 7-9th June. As a company that follows the latest trends in the financial industry, we were there as well.

The iFX EXPO 2022 in Limassol, Cyprus, provided a great insight into the global perspective of the market and how it all perfectly fits into a gathered picture of the FOREX market. Our representatives have truly experienced all the benefits when it comes to efficiency, easy approach, and highly professional outlook of iFX EXPO in Limassol.

"From the HR point of view, what makes this market rich are people, their energy and dedication, and the expansion is based on their ambition, energy, curiosity, flexibility, and a clear sense of direction. When it comes to recruitment and talent acquisition, there is a certain trust in the in-house solutions, with the goal of creating the teams with a sense of feeling for the companies’ goals and, creating an atmosphere of belonging and loyalty. The focus is on the technology and automatization of the daily HR operations. Teams are created all around the globe and reallocated in a fast and effective way. It is an ever-expanding market, reaching every part of the world, connecting technology, tradition, knowledge, and innovations."

- Ivana Bozanovic, HR Manager at Finveo

There are many reasons why the iFX EXPO is on our calendars. We are well aware of the importance of networking and are dedicated to growing and expanding together!

Until our next reunion!