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Sponsorship Deal Signed

Finveo, the subsidiary of Inveo, has secured a sponsorship agreement with the National Basketball Federation of Montenegro for three years.

The basketball sky in Montenegro is richer with a new star! Istanbul-based conglomerate INVEO Investment Holding’s multi-asset brokerage arm based in Podgorica, Montenegro, namely Finveo MN has become the main sponsor of the National Basketball Federation of Montenegro for three years; which will develop the magical game under the hoops, and bring a brand new experience in Montenegro as well as a global acknowledgment with a multi-national brand.

Inveo Investment Holding Chairman and CEO Onur Topaç, KSCG President Nikola Peković, Finveo CEO Nikola Pejovic and Finveo Chairman Anil Abbak, as well as the national team basketball players Igor Drobnjak and Milica Jovanović attended the press conference held at Bemax Arena on the 29th of June.

It is known that basketball is one of the most popular sports in Montenegro and the world-known famous players are role models for all kids in the country. This sponsorship highlights the mutual grounds that both parties share: Being a coherent team, great ambition to progress better and sustainably deliver the best results for all stakeholders. During 2022 when Montenegro’s best basketball players continue the battle for the World Cup and will participate in EuroBasket, this cooperation will be of great importance for both parties. Finveo is coming to share big dreams and hopes with the basketball nation of Montenegro!

Together we can do much more and we can Share the Future!

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