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Corporate Responsibility

Week of Health at Finveo

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated on 7 April every year, and this important day is no bypassed at Finveo company.

In accordance with World Health Day, Finveo organized a Week of Health, with the goal of raising awareness of employees about making balance between health and work, and several activities were successfully completed that improve quality of life.

Employees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the topic "Health and safety at work" at a training organized by experts in this field, also acquired healthy eating habits throughout the week, and in addition to better stress management and quality of life – fitness equipment is now available in all offices!

These small achievements represent great success in raising awareness, and keeping in mind that living a healthy life is not just for today or one week, Finveo will continue to encourage not just employees, but clients and other people to implement healthy habits for more quality lifestyle.