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About Us

INVEO Investment Holding

Inveo Investment Holding

Inveo Investment Holding, Turkey-based company engaged in the financial industry, invests in companies with bright future, gives knowledge and capital, and grows these companies by maximizing their market position and value with 30 years of experience in capital markets. This is a new generation value investor that recognize development and growth potential, innovation, technological competitive advantage, technological products and profitability potential. The company is an A-type security investment trust and it is in the operation of its portfolio of capital market instruments and precious metals. For more information about Inveo Investment Holding you can visit the website

Gedik Investment Securities

Established in 1991, Gedik Investment is one of the leading investment banking advisory and brokerage firms in Turkey, providing research and brokerage services to domestic and foreign clients. The company is a member of Borsa Istanbul (BIST) and is authorized by the Capital Markets Board (CMB). Taking firm steps forward in 2020 in its journey with the vision of becoming the leader of the sector, Gedik Investment is the first institution with the highest number of branches in the sector and the second company with the most employees by realizing a 126% increase in investors with the new generation investment platform Gedik Trader, according to the financial results of the first half. For more information about Gedik Investment Securities, you can visit the website

Inveo Asset Management

Inveo Asset Management, which was established in 2008 and is a 100% affiliate of Inveo, manages corporate and individual portfolios of capital market instruments in accordance with the provisions of the Capital Market Law and relevant legislation, by signing portfolio management agreements with its customers and acting as a proxy. The total funds managed by Gedik Asset Management amount to approximately TL 800 million. Gedik Asset Management offers professional portfolio services to investors in two different ways: private portfolio management or "mutual funds". For more information about Gedik Asset Management, you can visit

Finveo UK

Finveo UK, founded in 2018 in United Kingdom, is first 30 years -owned subsidiary carry Turkey to the international arena, the ongoing activities in the capital markets. Registered under FCA with reference number 916641, Finveo is authorized to carry out brokerage activities in all world stock exchanges. Finveo aims to make a sustainable contribution to its investors with its high-level service that will cover all capital market instruments from start to finish, thus it aims to grow its income. For more information about Finveo UK, you can visit

Marbas Securities

Starting its operations in 1990, Marbaş Securities is the oldest brokerage company in the capital market. It has been operating as a subsidiary of Gedik Investments Securities, one of the leading brokerage houses in the sector, since 2004. Investor satisfaction, providing services to investors who prefer to invest their savings in capital markets with the principles of knowledge, trust and transparency are Marbas main goals. Following the developments in the markets in order to ensure that investors can reach the capital markets in a fast, high quality and safe manner, Marbaş Securities gives priority to investor satisfaction in all its activities and services. For more information about Marbaş Securities, you can visit

Novel Scala Publishing

Novel Scala, a publishing company focused on business, economy and finance, was founded in 1992 under the name Scala Yayıncılık. Novel Scala, whose first book was on the Stock Exchange with Peter Lynch, attracted great attention in the publishing world and entered the sales lists in second place. Novel Scala has expanded its fields over time with literature, novels, poetry, medicine and early youth books. It was restructured as a publishing and distribution company by establishing the distribution infrastructure in its 10th year of establishment. Novel purpose of returning to the re-establishment of Scala, business management, finance, and a focus on economic issues, aiming to contribute to the development of financial literacy in Turkey. For more information about Novel Scala Publishing, you can visit .

Bosphorus Ventures

Boğaziçi Ventures focuses on establishing and managing funds investing in technology companies in different verticals and geographies and creating a high level of added value for invested portfolio companies. Having decided to invest in more than 100 technology companies, Boğaziçi Ventures partners take an active role in technology initiatives and accompany entrepreneurs on their way to international success. Boğaziçi Ventures also establishes and manages special funds according to the needs of investors and provides custody services for digital currencies. Investment in ongoing technology investment fund "Growth BV" leads to the international market in area of the game, finance, technology, investing in growth initiatives and retail stages in the digital health technologies. For more information about Boğaziçi Ventures, you can visit