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About Us

Why Trade With Finveo?

Finveo is a multi-asset company, which is established in Montenegro and serves its investors with its wide product range. With our reliable and innovative broker services, we offer retail and corporate customers from all over the world the opportunity to become a global investor with fast and easy-to-use platforms.

Order Execution Speed

Because time is money, our order execution speed is 0.018s.


There is no banana peel you can slip on, as our slippage is as low as 0.0001%.

Onboarding Time

Prepare for flight with us, and complete onboarding in less than 15 minutes.

Advantages of trading with FINVEO

Multiple Financial Instruments

We enable our traders to implement their own trading strategies based on 60+ forex trading currency pairs.

Tight Spreads

Finveo offers competitive and tight spreads for the best trading experience.


Stop Loss

Lower risk of losing money and protection from excess losses.



High leverage for the higher chance of gaining profit, up to 1:500.


MetaTrader 4 & 5

Finveo offers advanced and robust technologies, easy to use award-winning trading platforms.

24/5 Support

Finveo provides the best customer support 24/5, in more than 10 languages!


Finveo, which has adopted the principle of serving its customers in a way that facilitates trading conditions and strategies, also offers you a broker service that you can reach 5 days and 24 hours with quality customer service. Finveo delivers the most competitive prices and swaps possible to its customers through its award-winning trading platforms, MT4 and MT5, keeping the company assets separate from its own clients' assets.


You can open a free trial account on our website or by contacting us and try Finveo immediately.