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ID Now

ID Now

Discover our fast and secure online identity identification process!

Thanks to modern technology that combines comprehensive video-based identity verification and qualified electronic signature, account opening process has never been easier.

In cooperation with German company ID Now, Finveo provides identity verification process that is patented by EU and fully compliant with regulatory requirements of EU. Wherever you are, only thing you need is good internet access, valid ID document (ID card or passport) and computer with webcam or smartphone.maximus nibh.

When you download ID Now application video identification starts and the identification specialist will greet you in one of available languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish or French. During a pleasant chat, no longer than five minutes, he will take a selfie of you as well as picture of your ID document from front and back side. Whole process is finished by signing agreement with Finveo, using qualified electronic signature.

ID Now identification steps!

1st Step

Client fills out questionnaire on Trader portal and download ID Now application. After ID Now application is installed, the client needs to enter the unique token to the application.

2nd Step

Client is informed to prepare identification document and give a consent to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by pressing button Start identification.

3rd Step

Client starts conversation with the Identification specialist and confirms name and surname. The Identification specialist takes a selfie of the Client.

4th Step

Show Your valid identification document. The Identification specialist takes a picture of front and back side of identification document.