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Identification Process

Identification Process

Discover our fast and secure Online Identity Identification Process!

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Technology that combines comprehensive Liveness Selfie check, Identity Document check and Proof of Residence check, account opening process has never been easier.

Wherever you are, all you need is internet access, valid ID document (ID card, Driver's license or Passport), Proof of Residence not older than three months and computer with webcam or smartphone.

When online identification starts you will be able to choose available languages: English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese or Arabic.

SumSub identification steps!

During the very easy and pleasant journey with Sumsub, which lasts no longer than five minutes, you will perform the following steps:

1. Choose the language and the Country that issued Identity Document

You have to fill out the questionnaire on Trader portal and go to section Upload documents.

2. Take a picture or upload ID card, driver's license or passport

You will be informed to prepare identification document and give a consent to Privacy Policy by pressing button Next, and then upload required documentation.

3. Pass Liveness Selfie check

Just take a look at your phone’s camera and Sumsub’s passive 3D liveness technology will automatically validate the your presence.

4. Take a picture or upload Proof of Residence

Show Your valid proof of residence and successfully finish KYC process!

Most common reasons for applicant rejection

Graphics editing software and Forgery (33%) - the documents must not be edited, because they will be automatically rejected. Please report any issue you find with the validity of your documentation to your account manager, and do not crop photos or edit details on documents.

Screenshots (27%) - documents must be uploaded as a scanned version of a photo of ID and PoA, screenshots cannot be verified. You can also take a photo of ID and PoA.

Unacceptable PoA (14%) - documents that can serve as proof of address are: bank statements, utility bills, internet/cable TV/home phone bills, mobile phone bills, life/non-life insurance accounts, tax returns, tax accounts, and certificates issued by the goverment.

Date of Issue of PoA (11%) - proof of address should not be older than three months. That PoA must contain your full name and surname and your full address.

Not taking a clear photo of ID (7%) - information on the uploaded document must be clearly legible, all corners of the document should be within the frame visible, two-page or two-sided documents must have all pages/sides photographed. Acceptable IDs are: National Identity Card, Driving Licence or Passport.

Spam (5%) - if too many documents are uploaded, it will be recognised as spam, and the verification will be denied due to excessive file uploads.

Validity of ID (3%) - identity documents must be valid, which means they must not be expired and they should contain all neccessary information: full name and surname, date and place of birth, and number of ID.

In cooperation with Sumsub, Finveo provides an easy and smooth identity verification process and performs ongoing user screening against global watchlists, PEP, sanction and adverse media lists to ensure full compliance.
Whole onboarding process is finished by signing a Client Agreement with Finveo, using electronic signature provided via Docusign.