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A user-friendly, technical analysis tool! Autochartist is a powerful companion that provides Technical Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Macro-Economic Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis, perfect for all levels of traders.

Autochartist relies on chart analysis as well as support and resistance levels to suggest emerging trends and options for trade, providing forecasts ranging from 15 minutes to months. Once integrated to your MetaTrader4 platform, it will constantly provide full benefits of market analysis and keep you up to date about major economic changes.

Easy access

Easy access
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Always Vigilant

Identify & react to market movements constantly

Report & Alert

Gain perspective
with statistics and

Daily Market Reports

Autochartist constantly examines financial markets (such as Forex, stocks, indices or commodities) and looks for breaking points.

You get three reports every day with an overview of popular markets, hot opportunities and expected reactions to upcoming economic events. Market reports are perfect for busy traders, saving you time and effort!

Messaging & Alerts

Autochartist’s Market Snapshot feature gives you an outlook of the markets for the next 24-48 hours. You get information about Tokyo, London and New York Stock Exchanges as well.

The system will notify you about major economic events around the world. It will also scan Chart Patterns such as Triangles, Wedges, Head-and- Shoulders and Channels. Key Levels feature will show you horizontal support and resistance levels.

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