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In Finveo, parallel to INVEO Investment Holding's vision, we start with a sustainability focus on every step we take. On all our sports sponsorships, we are thriving our best to touch younger society to engage them much more on sportive discipline; in our Junior Achievement Projects sponsorships, with universities world-wide, we are only aiming future generations to be more entrepreneurial and having a "value adding mindset". Through our global - local philanthropic actions on helping society and all livings that we share this world, we are enabling many animal shelters to be more flexible and successful for their goals, spending more time in nature to help its survival, not only on company level but with a mindset engaged with our all team. Having a 30 years of successful track records in Capital Markets, sustainability is in our DNA.


Here at Finveo, the preservation of nature and the environment is taken very seriously. Several actions are being taken to help preserve the precious planet we live on, and we are continuously working on doing more! Finveo actively participates in Tree planting activities, established collaboration with the public institution for waste management and recycling, and every employee actively participates in proper waste disposal. Here are our other commitments:

Saving Electricity

Carbon Footprint


Air Pollution Reduce


Finveo is a sister company of HOP!, a micro-mobility startup that directly impacts Carbon Footprint reduction. By using hop, we contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions that cause environmental pollution and climate change! You can read more about HOP! on this link.


As a socially responsible company, Finveo aspires to expand internal corporate policies to a higher level and makes an impact on society. Actions done within the company are directly affecting sustainability. We support diversity and can proudly say that women employees make up more than 70% of our human resources. We also value family and children's rights and regarding that we establish decisions that impact the quality of society. We support financial literacy and have good cooperation with Educational Institutions and Universities. Many more actions are taken in regard to charity, and you can find more about it on this link.


As a company that serves clients around the world, we are taking care of making the best possible conditions and protection for our clients. We are undertaking actions regarding data privacy and protection, and transparency of legal & compliance is something that defines us. We are also taking care of risk management.

Earth is a great place to live, but it needs our help to thrive! That is why we unify our practices, products, and partnerships around a single mission — to foster sustainability at scale.


Invest with companies and industries that share your ethical values!

To support economic sustainability we are now giving a 50% discount on green stocks commission! You can find more information by contacting us.



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